Air Exchanger- Installation, Service & Repair

High humidity levels, moisture on windows, constant cough and cold symptoms can all signify improper air quality. The most energy efficient way to properly ventilate your home for better indoor air quality is with the addition of a HRV (heat recovery ventilator) or ERV (energy recovery ventilator).


How they work:


During the heating seasons, heat is transferred from the warm indoor exhaust air and into the cold outdoor supply air inside the HRV heat exchanger.


During the cooling seasons, if you are using your air conditioner to cool the air, heat is transferred from the warm outdoor supply air into the cool indoor exhaust air inside the HRV heat exchanger, therefore reducing the temperature of the fresh air coming in.
This transfer of heat or energy is accomplished with very little to no mixing of the two air channels, meaning the pollutants are exhausted and the heat or energy is recovered.



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