Commercial HVAC Services

We offer a wide variety of commercial services to fit all your HVAC needs. Our sister company Wasko Heating and Cooling specializes in new residential and new commercial heating, cooling, ventilation, duct installation, commercial kitchens and rooftop units. With the same quality employees, commitment to service and a satisfaction guarantee, Wasko Heating and Cooling is prepared to assist you with any commercial  HVAC needs.



Wasko Heating and Cooling helps to design complete HVAC systems, customized to meet the wants, needs and goals of the customer.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative, consistence maintenance on your commercial HVAC equipment is essential to ensure the equipment is operating at peak energy efficiency. Regular maintenance on your heating and cooling equipment is far cheaper than repeated costly repairs. Let us give you peace of mind knowing your equipment is running safely at minimal cost to you.

New Construction

Wasko Heating and Cooling collaborates directly with the contractor or home owner to determine the correct sizing and placement of the new HVAC system for optimal performance.

Residential Retrofit

Wasko Heating and Cooling is able to re-work existing systems, such as in a residential remodel or multi-family housing units to best adapt to a changing environment.