Liberty Air Quality Services

Breathing is such a natural process that we rarely seem to consider the quality of the air we are pulling into our lungs. Liberty Heating & Cooling offers several options for improving your air quality. These solutions are beneficial to everyone, though they are especially important for individuals with asthma, allergies and other conditions.

Air Quality Products We Service


The dry winter months can take a toll on our bodies, causing cold, dry skin, asthma and allergies. Humidifiers add moisture and humidity to the air, helping reduce these uncomfortable symptoms so you can enjoy your home.

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Air Filters

The best way to keep your furnace and air conditioner working at peak performance is to inspect and change the filter regularly. This can help to ensure you have the best quality air by reducing dust, dirt and other pollutants.

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Duct Cleaning

To keep your heating and cooling equipment running efficiently, it is important to keep the ductwork free of debris. This reduces pollutants, dirt and dust from entering the home, keeping your air fresh and breathable.

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Air Exchangers

These systems introduce fresh air into your home, helping keep it clean and fresh. During the winter months, air exchangers ensure stale, humid air is removed from the home and window moisture is prevented. They can be equally effective in the summer.

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